Who ploughing eat their food, they truly live:

The rest to others bend subservient, eating what they give.

They alone live who live by agriculture; 

All others, a mere cringing, dependent life.

                                                                                     - Thiruvalluvar

Sempulam's basket of services is as deep as it is wide. From offering solutions for established farms to creating custom-made plans for smaller units, Sempulam's consultants put at your disposal their expertise, integrity and commitment to building a culture of sustainable farming. 

Creating sustainable farming solutions


If you are someone who already has a farm and wants to turn that into an eco-friendly space, partially or entirely, what Sempulam offers is a complete analysis of your farm. 

From designing a layout to determining what your needs are (is this a small operation or something that you want to take to the market), our consultants will hold your hand through deciding layers for the farm, what you should grow in which season, training your labour and everything else that you would need support with. 


After lending support to set up your organic farm, depending on the requirement, Sempulam also offers maintenance and support options. 

Business plans


Idealism, a farming space and commitment are possibly all you need to get going with sustainable farming. But if you have bigger ambitions and want to take your produce to the market, a business plan is just as necessary. Sempulam helps you understand the profitability of your venture and sketches for you a time scope, all based on your individual needs. 

Bespoke Training


        Our intensive, hands-on experience allows Sempulam to offer tailor-made training solutions based on the needs of our clients.

We offer:


  • Training for employees of all levels so that knowledge transfers are complete, thorough, and permanent. 

  • Training for students, farmers and researchers. 

  • Smaller, crop-specific training modules, ranging from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on your requirement. 

  • From understanding your farm or garden to training an entire fleet of staff in every aspect of farming, depending on the size of your farming space. 

Organic Certification


Certification is essential if you want to take your produce to the market. If you want a premium on your produce and want a label, you need to get it certified as organic. Sempulam helps with the entire process of standards, providing and adhering to guidelines, maintaining records, right up to liaison with the certification agencies. Even after certification, if there is a requirement, support and maintenance are available. 

Enterprises within the farm


While we ensure the smooth running of the larger farm, Sempulam also offers expertise, support and guidance for smaller enterprises. Setting up of agriculture-allied enterprises such as a vermicompost unit, mushroom production units, Azolla production and cattle farms are well within the scope of our team's expertise. We can also help you set up a value-added products unit.