Grant me a plot of land - Mother Supreme!

Grant me a plot of land.

Build for me therein

A mansion majestic

With comely columns and snow-while storeys.

Adjacent to the well

Let me have a grove of coconuts,

Crowned with clusters of tender fruit.

In a shower of moonlight like lustrous pearls,

May the notes of the Kuyil flow into my ears,

And a balmy breeze gladden my heart.

Let a chaste wife sing with me in concord,

And poems be born in our mutual joy.

And, Mother dear, this retreat

You ought to be on the alert to protect.

While by your Grace,

I should pour forth such spell-binding songs

As will redeem the world. 

                                                             - Mahakavi Bharathiyar



Sempulam brings with its passion and commitment to sustainable farming and over 30 years of experience. Scientists, researchers and farmers come together to give you expertise that ties in with our vision to create rich earth through eco-friendly, sustainable technologies.


The Team:


Dr K Vijayalakshmi is, quite simply, the driving force behind Sempulam. Her dedication to the cause of sustainable agriculture and organic farming means she has over 30 years of experience working in the field and is one of India’s foremost authorities on the subject. With her unwavering commitment and genuine joy in what she does, she brings steady, focused academic and technical knowledge. Dr Vijayalakshmi is, among several other things, one of the founders and also currently the Research Director of Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems and has been involved in implementing over 75 sustainable agriculture projects, working intensively with farmers around the country. A classical music enthusiast, Viji, as she is fondly known, was also a member of the international task force of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM) which was involved in the revision of principles of organic agriculture. She is the author of over 50 books, has produced and researched four documentaries, and published numerous research papers on sustainable organic farming.

Subhashini Sridhar brings to the Sempulam team away with people -- farmers and non-forming folk alike -- that is quite unmatched. Backing this life-skill are more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the field of sustainable agriculture and natural resource management. Apart from consulting work that Subhashini has routinely taken on, she has done exhaustive work in Sirkazhi (in Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu) where her work has won awards for agricultural restoration programmes after the tsunami. As if that was still too little, Subhashini extends her time and talent to aiding women self-help groups in Sirkazhi. Her innate empathy, combined with sound technical knowledge and ability to teach people to understand their desires and challenges, is what makes Subhashini an integral part of the very core of the Sempulam consulting team. Subhashini has a B.Sc., in agriculture from Annamalai University and a post-graduate diploma in business administration.  She currently works in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu and her work touches over 5000 farming families.  

K Subramanian couldn't have found work that was more suited to him if he actually dreamed it up. Coming from an agrarian family, farming is second nature to him. Add to that a social conscience and a desire to propagate sustainable agriculture, and the result is one of Sempulam's most dynamic senior consultants combining first-hand farming knowledge and technical skills that are impeccable. An advocate of sustainable agriculture and organic farming for over 20 years, Subramanian has converted many a mainstream farmer into attempting sustainable ways, profitably. His previous work with NGOs that worked with sustainable agriculture gives him an edge in terms of understanding grassroots problems and arriving at apt solutions. 

R Manikandan hails from a farming family.  Ignoring his post-graduation degree in zoology, Manikandan went into farming full time and is Sempulam's link to farmers. A vast wealth of experience makes Manikandan's knowledge irreplaceable. Having experimented with indigenous paddy conservation in his own farms, among other things, Manikandan is constantly at the cutting edge innovation in sustainable agriculture, which brings to Sempulam first-hand experience that is so important in consulting. A founding member of the Sirkazhi Organic Farmers Association, Manikandan's other skills include the ability to market organic products and making a strong case for organic farming to undecided farmers.