To cast manure is better than to plough;
Weed well; to guard is more than watering now
Manuring is better than ploughing;

after weeding, watching, better than watering.

                                                                                       - Thiruvalluvar

About Our Service

I have an existing farm and want to convert part of it to organic. How can you help me?

                 The first step for the conversion is to understand the motives of conversion. A detailed discussion with us will help determine the reason you want to do this. The reasons could be varying, starting from market reasons to your commitment to doing your bit for the environment. From there, we can move on to deciding what part of the farm can be converted and then assess that piece of land. We also strongly recommend a discussion on what are the resources that are available to you and you are able commit to. Broadly, these will be the considerations before we can develop a plan.

There's water shortage where I live. How can I overcome that drawback and what can I grow?

                   Water shortage is becoming a serious problem even in places where it was available in plenty a few years ago.  It is definitely possible to do farming in areas where there is a water shortage.  Based on the agro-climatic zone a farm falls in, we need to figure out what type of crops can be grown in that area. We need to choose crops and varieties (for eg: indigenous) that require less water; we then need to go in for techniques like drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, construction of a farm pond etc.  For customized solutions, it is best to let us assess the land and suggest apt methods for you.

Do I need to have a large farm to go organic? Can I do it in my terrace garden?

             It isn’t the size of the farm that determines if you can go organic. All you need is the mindset for it! You can cultivate your own vegetables, herbs and flowers without chemicals in your own backyard (if you have space) or in your terrace.  In case, you do not have either of these, even a small balcony is perfectly suitable to cultivate some vegetables and flowers. Sempulam offers support and solutions for this option.

             However, if you wish to set up terrace gardens or backyard gardens we would like to do it for a group of 10 - 20 people in the same locality to make it cost-effective.  Get in touch with us and we’ll definitely let you know how we can help.

What about labour and certification?

             Our experts will take up tasks that will provide the labour on your farm with necessary and sufficient orientation and technical training on organic farming. 

             Certification needs in-depth discussion which Sempulam is happy to do. We help coordinate with the certification agency, help maintain your records, put a system in place for documentation of information that is required for certification and assist you in every step of certification. 

Can I expect to make a profit once the project hits the ground?

             If we follow the right approach and use the correct technology, it is indeed possible to make a profit from your venture.  Of course, the size of your profit depends on the land and your investment of time and resources.  One must understand that farming (be it organic or conventional) requires constant attention for it to be made profitable.  Part of Sempulam’s repertoire is to help work out business plans for small enterprises on your farm, which can bring additional profit.  We will give you a projection as to when you can break even and start making profits.  All of this depends, of course, on proper rainfall (not more, not less) and other climatic factors. Since our control doesn’t extend all that far, our experts will provide you with the main plan and alternate plan, in case there are inadequacies in rainfall and weather conditions.

I already have a farm and want a smaller enterprise within in. Can you provide support for that?

             Yes.  If you are interested in only setting up smaller units within your farm, we lend our expertise to that too. For eg: a vermicompost unit or a mushroom unit alone is what you need, then we will be happy to provide those services only.  

I have a functioning farm and I need your help only to train my people on organic farming.  Can you do that for me?

             If your requirement is training alone, and nothing else, we do that as well. Talk to us for a tailor-made training program that’s perfect for your requirement.

Do you also provide support for one off-field visits and give advice?

             Yes, basic assessment and consultation is also part of the services Sempulam provides.