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International Women's Day is observed annually on March 8th to recognize women's cultural, political, and socioeconomic space. Namma Nellu is dedicated to providing you with better health and energy. This specially curated women's special rice combo includes 4 special rice varieties chosen exclusively for women’s needs. It contains the following rices.

  • Seeraga Samba (Raw Rice): A delicious aromatic rice that will relax and calm you. It is high in iron and calcium and easily digestible.
  • Kalanamak (Raw Rice): Popularly known as Buddha Rice. This aromatic rice is rich in 40 minerals salts. Very high in Protein and high in Iron, Calcium & Zinc. A great rice to treat yourself and the family with special Pulav or simply have it as a table rice.
  • Mullan Kaima (Raw Rice): A delicious aromatic rice that will relax and clam you. It is high in Vitamin A and Zinc which will provide you with much needed immunity.
  • Thooyamalli (Raw Rice): This white coloured slender rice is a highly suitable variety for the South Indian meal. Provides you with good amounts of Protein, Iron, Magnesium and Zinc. Enjoy your everyday meal with this.


Note: These rice varieties are hygienically vacuum-packed for freshness meeting food safety standards. Rice Weight: Each Variety 500gm x 4 packets = 2 kgs.

Women’s Special Rice Combo (2 kg, Includes 4 Rice Varieties Each 500 g)

₹620.00 Regular Price
₹420.00Sale Price
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