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  • This collection of exotic aromatic rice varieties will delight you with delicate flavours, rich nutritional and medicinal value, and a touch of mystique. Try a forbidden rice from the fields of Manipur. Sample a rare variety grown only in a single district in Kerala and nowhere else. Experience an aromatic rice that was enjoyed by The Buddha himself, and carried by monks to remind them of the enlightened one.


  • This box contains 6 vacuum packs of traditional varieties of rice.
    1. Kalanamak (Aromatic, mineral rich variety from the Ghorakpur region)
    2. Seeraga Samba (Aromatic, easy to digest, iron rich variety of Tamil Nadu)
    3. Mullan Kaima (Aromatic variety rich in Vitamin A & minerals from the Wayanad region of Kerala)
    4. Chakhao Poireiton (An aromatic, exotic black sticky rice from Manipur, rich in antioxidants, anthocyanins and fibre)
    5. Jeerakasala (Aromatic variety high in protein and rich in antioxidants from the Wayanad region of Kerala)
    6. Gobindobhog (Protein and fibre rich aromatic rice variety from West Bengal)


Note: Hygienically vacuum-packed rice for freshness, meeting food safety standards. Rice Weight: Each Variety 230gm x 6 = 1.380 kg.

The Aromatic Collection Rice Gift Box (Includes 6 Rice Varieties Each 230 gms)

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