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  • Anudhinam - [anu-dina + m], meaning Every day.
  • Savour the wholesome goodness of 30 different organic traditional rice varieties, one for every day of the month.
  • 30 different rice varieties, each with its own distinct aroma, taste, vitamin index, antioxidant properties, immunity builders, low glycemic index and much more.
  • Anudhinam’s aromatic rice varieties come all the way from the North East, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
  • Make healthy eating not a just a mundane routine but a pleasurable experience. If rice is your comfort food, Anudhinam makes it exotic and wholesome.

Note: Hygienically vacuum-packed rice for freshness, meeting food safety standards. Rice Weight: Each Variety 100gm x 30 = 3.000 kgs.

Anudhinam Rice Gift Box (Includes 30 Rice Varieties Each 100 gms)

  • This box contains 30 vacuum packs of traditional varieties of rice.

    Rice Variety


    Adukku Nel

    A calcium rich table variety from South India.

    Anandanoor Sanna

    A fine rice variety suitable for the table.

    Chak Hao Poireition

    An aromatic, exotic black sticky rice from Manipur, rich in antioxidants, anthocyanins and fibre

    Iravai Pandi

    Calcium and magnesium rich variety to keep your bones strong.

    Kaatu Yanam

    A red bold variety rich in minerals, calcium & magnesium. Good for diabetic control and has high antioxidant properties.

    Kaivara Samba

    A red bold variety rich in minerals, calcium and folic acid.


    Aromatic, mineral rich variety. Increases longevity according to Buddhist tradition.


    An iron rich variety. Used for making idli, dosa and porridge.

    Kamban Samba

    A protein and mineral rich variety. Ideal for Sweet Pongal.


    A siddha practitioners delight, used for treatment of various illnesses.

    Karuppu Kowni

    A rice with antioxidant and anthocyanin properties. Used in traditional medicine.


    A zinc & calcium rich variety. Also used for idly & dosa.

    Kichili Samba

    An everyday rice variety, easily digestible and rich in iron and calcium.

    Kothamalli Samba

    A mineral rich table variety from South India.


    A red table variety rich in iron with low glycemic index.


    A rice with low glycemic index, that is high in iron zinc and antioxidants.


    Rich in antioxidants; traditionally recommended for pregnant & lactating mothers.

    Mappillai Samba

    Rich in fibre and iron, thus enhancing digestion and stamina.

    Mullan Kaima

    Aromatic, bold white rice indigenous to Kerala. Rich in vitamin A.


    Used in Ayurvedic treatments. Provides immunity against respiratory disorders.

    Neelan Samba

    Calcium rich variety recommended for increasing immunity.


    A mineral rich rice suitable for delicious soft idlis.

    Pachai Perumal

    A variety from Sri Lanka. Rich in protein, iron and vitamins. Good table rice.

    Poovan Samba

    Red, bold table rice very high in Iron, Calcium and Minerals.


    A versatile table rice which can be also be used for preparation of delicious Pongal.

    Salem Samba

    A table rice. Rich in Protein.


    A dullish white boiled rice suitable for idli and dosa.

    Seeraga Samba

    The traditional aromatic South Indian biriyani rice, rich in iron and easily digestible.


    Enhances immunity in children. Rich in iron, calcium and essential vitamins.


    A rice with high protein content suitable for meals and biriyani.

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