Traditional Rice Gift Box - The Navaratna Collection (Includes 9 Rice Varieties)


  • We are delighted to share with you the – “The Navaratna Collection Namma Nellu Rice Box” Specially designed by us for this festive season.
  • The rice box offers a set of nine traditional rice varieties that are indigenous and native to India. Through this product, Sempulam Sustainable Solutions is supporting an effort to help the farmers and Farmer Producer Companies promoted by the Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems(CIKS) to find a market for traditional rice varieties being conserved and cultivated by them.
  • The traditional rice varieties that you will find in this box are Kitchili Samba (An everyday rice variety, easily digestible and rich in iron and calcium), Seeraga Samba(The traditional aromatic South Indian biryani rice, rich in iron and easily digestible), Kalanamak(Aromatic, mineral rich variety. Increase longevity according to Buddhist traditional), Thanga Samba(Protein rich variety. Also has high Calcium, Potassium & Iron).
  • Kullakar(A rice with low glycemic index, that is high in iron, zinc and antioxidants), Karunkuruvai(A Siddha Practitioners delight, used for treatment of various illnesses), Mappillai Samba(Rich in fiber and iron, thus enhancing digestion and stamina), Navara(Used in Ayurvedic treatments. Provides immunity against respiratory disorders) & Chak Hao Poireiton(Rich in antioxidants, anthocyanins and fiber). Any day this is the most ideal gift that defines you and your family!!.
  • Note: Hygienically vacuum-packed rice for freshness meeting food safety standards. Rice Weight: Each Variety 220gm x 9 = 1.980 kg.

Traditional Rice Gift Box - The Navaratna Collection (Includes 9 Rice Varieties)

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