Traditional Rice Gift Box - The Luxury Collection
  • We are delighted to share with you the – “Namma Nellu Rice Box” as a unique gifting option for individuals who want to stand out from the rest of the world by gifting a part of our culture!!
  • The rice box offers a set of six traditional rice varieties that are indigenous and native to India. Through this product Sempulam Sustainable Solutions is supporting an effort to help the farmers and Farmer Producer Companies promoted by the Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems(CIKS) to find a market for traditional rice varieties being conserved and cultivated by them.
  • At the same time they offer a high value healthy product to the consumer drawing inspiration from our traditional knowledge and biodiversity.
  • The traditional rice varieties that you will find in this box are- Mappillai samba, Karunkuruvai, Kitchili samba, Seeraga samba, Kuzhiyadichan and Kullakar. Each of these varieties are unique in their taste and can be used as a regular table rice, idly rice, pulav or biriyani rice, Pongal rice and for Kanji.
  • Any day this is the most ideal gift that defines you and your family!!Product Description

Traditional Rice Gift Box - The Luxury Collection

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