KalaNamak (Raw Rice) - காலாநமக் (பச்சரிசி)

This is a Vegetarian product.

  • It is believed that Buddhist monks used to carry this rice variety for consumption wherever they went and it increased their longevity.
  • It is rich in 40 mineral salts. It also has a very high Calcium content. This aromatic variety is superior to Basmati in every respect except grain length.
  • Can be used as special table rice and also for making Pulav, Biryani, Table Variety, Ghee Rice, Variety Rice, Pongal, Kanji & Kheer (Payasam).
  • Hygienically Vacuum packed rice for freshness in facility meeting food safety standards.
  • Awarded Geographical Indicator (GI) tag by Govt. of India in 2013.

KalaNamak (Raw Rice) - காலாநமக் (பச்சரிசி)


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